SEBI Amends Certain Mutual Fund Regulations. Know About it Here…

Market regulator SEBI announced certain amendments to mutual funds regulations during its Board meeting held recently. SEBI undertook a detailed exercise on review of mutual fund regulations in consultation with various stakeholders to examine certain policy proposals, remove redundant provisions, to align with the existing applicable Acts and other SEBI Regulations, and to address certain…

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December 21, 2020 | by

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund: Emphasizing on Risk Management

The mid cap index has recovered significantly from the lows of March and it has even outperformed the large cap index during this period. Notably, mid cap stocks underperformed the large cap peers in the last three years amid the weak macro-economic conditions, SEBI’s norms on the reclassification of mutual fund classification, and COVID-19 pandemic.…

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December 18, 2020 | by

Aditya Birla SL ESG Fund: Investing in ‘Good Businesses’

Environment Social Governance (ESG) investing is synonymous with socially responsible or sustainable investing. ESG investing is an established theme globally but in India this concept is at a very nascent stage. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies/policymakers in India and around the globe to evaluate the impact of their actions on society and the…

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December 17, 2020 | by

Axis Special Situations Fund: Looking to Create Wealth with Innovators

“Change is the only constant” – Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus Every now and then, a disruption changes the way a company or sector routinely manages it operations. While disruptions can push certain companies to the verge of extinction, there are those that use such situations as a learning curve to constantly re-invent and adapt their businesses to…

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December 15, 2020 | by

UTI Small cap Fund: Aiming to spot future leaders

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, small-sized businesses were among the worst affected sectors; the government has set forth various initiatives to nurture small businesses back to life. Therefore, in the long run, small companies are expected to expand. Consequently, investor sentiment has improved in recent months, striking the indices upward, and the small-cap index has now…

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December 12, 2020 | by