CFG, Mr Kannan K.K. – Guiding Investors To Make Informed Decisions

In the endeavour to help investors achieve their financial goals, Mr Kannan ardently conducts his financial advisory business. He’s been practicing over five years battling all odds: competition and a fierce regulatory environment,where some have even exited the financial advisory / mutual fund distribution space.

Guiding investors to make an informed investment decision by recognising the risk-return trade-off is what distinguishes him from the rest. It is his vision to see as many investors achieve their financial goals.

He proactively reaches out to his limited set of clients addressing their queries/needs. As a result they’re satisfied with his service, and now endeavours to expand his advisory business pan India.

Mutual fund investing and bond investing are some of the key services he offers.

He counsels investors on what is best suitedfor them.

Mr Kannan stands for transparency and ethics in the financial advisory space, and that encouraged him to take up, and successfully complete , CFG certification.

He keeps himself abreast on various developments in the industry, unceasingly reading newspapers, websites, blogs, etc.

He admires, India’s top fund manager, Mr Prashant Jain (ED and CIO of HDFC Mutual Fund with collective experience of over two decades in fund management and research in the mutual fund industry) for the consistent performance across different market conditions.

Besides financial advisory, Mr Kannan holds interest in copywriting, and therefore reads many books, blogs, related to it during his spare time.

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A CFG Whose Advisory Business Is Built On A Foundation Of Ethics and Honesty

Right since college days, Mr Hemnani took keen interest in equity markets. He admits making a lot of mistakes then; but believes that was good learning experience. Ultimately, embedded with the motto of handholding individuals to plan their goals prudently in the journey to wealth creation, he founded a financial advisory business.

Today, he has over a decade of experience – with of course ups and downs, hope and fear – but believes it’s been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Mr Hemnani makes it a point to be in touch with his clients whenever they need him, and even does so proactively – through technology and even personally. As a result his clients are satisfied!

Guiding clients to select winning mutual fund schemes, charting asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, by leveraging on technology are some of the key services of he offers.

Mr Hemnani abhors kickback and believes there need to be strict regulations to fight this malpractice (which is rampant in the financial services industry). He’s of the opinion that those giving due importance to thorough ‘financial planning’ (which includes optimal insurance planning as well) should be incentivised.  He took up the challenge and has successfully pursued the Certified Financial Guardian (CFG) Certification with the endeavour of growing his business the ‘ethical’ way.

To keep himself abreast, he voraciously reads business dailies, magazines, and various finance posts on the internet. He loves reading books are those authored by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

Mr Hemnani looks upon Mr Warren Buffett and Mr Ramesh Damani as idols, and believes they’ re true wealth creators with a long-term view.

Besides work, Mr Hemnani spends time with friends, family and reading.

His advice to investors is : “Be patient with your investments and always timely review your portfolio. Never go for quick bucks.”

Mr Chandrasen Hemnani can be reached here