Many Financial Planners Have Redefined Their Careers. And YOU?

Financial advisors play a major role in helping people achieve their financial goals. However, for an independent financial planner to acquire a new client isn’t an easy task. That is where a few try taking shortcuts. Instead of acting as financial planners, they become greedy distributors of financial products. Although these are handful unscrupulous advisors, yet they earn a bad name for the entire community of financial planners and advisors. PersonalFN decided to bring about a change.

It recently launched an initiative called “Certified Financial Guardian” that endeavours to bring all like-minded planners, who believe in ethical values to grow a practice, on the same platform. To reinforce the belief of planners in ethics, the PersonalFN offers a course to those who wish to join the initiative. However, this is not all. This is the first-half of a new script that PersonalFN authored. The other side of the story is more compelling. PersonalFN remains committed to introducing their Certified Financial Planners to its huge reader-base of over 1.4 lakh.

What does this mean for financial planners?
A financial planner, who stands firm on his/her core values but is unable to generate enough business, will suddenly receive massive exposure to people seeking advice on financial matters. Although PersonalFN will not “recommend” planners directly to its readers; it will provide a level-playing field to all planners enrolling into the Certified Financial Guardian initiative.

Many financial planners have already re-defined their career by enrolling in the CFG programme. Those who are still undecided might be considering the pros of how rewarding it would be to become CFGs. Alternatively, there might be advisors who would be skeptical about the efficiency of the platform in generating fresh leads for them.

Here’s the answer
These days, there’s a very popular website that provides you information about the hotels in a particular locality. Similarly, investors seeking help on their financial matters would need a professional who can meet them as often as required, understand their concerns, and address their queries in person. The pool of the PersonalFN subscribers is diverse enough to create lucrative business opportunities for all financial advisors enrolling for the course.

More than mere a qualification that enhances your understanding of financial planning, CFG is recognition of the integrity that people respect and cherish.

What PersonalFN expects in return?
This is a big question one may have. What’s the business motive of PersonalFN in launching the Certified Financial Guide initiative? PersonalFN wants its readers to be in safe hands, as it has limitations in satisfying the concerns of its audience. PersonalFN expects NOTHING in return. The only condition it attaches while circulating your reference among its readers is—your commitment to serving them in their best interest and the best possible manner.

For providing the CFG course, PersonalFN charges you peanuts. PersonalFN has always criticized commission-driven investment advisors and financial planners. By launching the CFG initiative, it aims to discourage investors from seeking advice from greedy advisors further and opting for the services of deserving ones. Are you one of them?

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