SBI Equity Hybrid Fund – Focusing On Growth with Stability

Aggressive Hybrid Funds aim to tactically allocate exposure across asset class i.e. equity and debt. As per SEBI mandate, Aggressive Hybrid Funds can invest 65-80% of its assets in equity and equity related instruments and 20-35% of its asset in debt instruments. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund is one such scheme that is classified under Aggressive…

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August 17, 2019 | by

Is An Arbitrage Fund The Right Investment Alternative Solution To Short Duration Funds?

In an endeavour to achieve higher returns on their investments with less risk involved, investors are constantly in search of different investment options. Initially, investors (especially the risk-averse ones) put their money on debt instruments until the mayhem of corporations defaulting to repay fiasco happened. Already the finance industry is experiencing a lot of volatility…

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August 7, 2019 | by

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund: Balancing Risks And Returns

Stock markets go through volatile phase every now and then. At such times a dynamic asset allocation strategy could help investors tide over volatility and generate better returns. A balanced advantage fund aims to do just that. With a long track record of over 25 years and an AUM of over Rs 43,000 crore, HDFC…

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August 2, 2019 | by