Ethical And Competent Financial Advisors Are Teaming Up

The path to success is never an easy one. But can you trample someone else’s future under your heel to walk the “red carpet”? Many financial planners and self-proclaimed financial advisors have done exactly that. Instead of providing advice that suits the client’s requirements; financial advisors have dished out advice that earns the maximum commissions. For sometime this trick worked for those advisors who place no value on ethics.

As the financial literacy is low in India, unscrupulous financial advisors still manage to survive, but what they overlooked is this—the well-informed investors know the concealed agenda of these financial advisors.

Unscrupulous advisors have another achievement to their credit. They have earned a bad reputation for their professional community, especially affected are those competent, ethical, genuine advisors who know how to put the interest of the clients before their own. They don’t expect to arrive at the red carpet; they wish to assist their clients in wealth creation.

The time has come to draw the line that separates out ethical advisors from the unethical ones. PersonalFN has taken the initiative to set the ball rolling. We, at PersonalFN, have decided to provide an online platform to honest and ethical advisors, connecting them with prospective clients who need genuine and ethical advice.

Why has PersonalFN taken this radical step?

  • PersonalFN found many investors that seek expert advice, don’t know whom they should trust. To bridge this gap, PersonalFN conceptualised a brand new concept Financial Guardian.
  • Unethical advisors advise to shift your portfolio frequently along with changing market conditions. However, PersonalFN believes your response to changing market conditions decides most of your success and the actual market conditions decide a little. This is why PersonalFN advocates that more advisors don’t churn investors’ portfolios to benefit from commissions. A Financial Guardian (CFG) trained by PersonalFN is expected to bridge this lacuna.
  • PersonalFN found many investors are being taken for a ride, backstabbed, and their trust breached time and again, not to mention the financial loss and emotional duress. Unethical advisors prove they don’t care about the dreams, wealth creation, and financial freedom of people PersonalFN sought to change this.
  • PersonalFN observed that financial advisors intimidate clients or lure them with false promises. Genuine financial advice is far different than what is currently being “sold” in the market. A PersonalFN registered Financial Guardian will show you the difference.

There are a few who are not happy about it…
Not everybody likes PersonalFN working in favour of and for the betterment of investors. Some advisors touch base with us expressing their anger. A few of them even assault us; but we, at PersonalFN remain unnerved with their aggression. The feedbacks of investors and acknowledgement for our work by ethical advisors have been the inspiration for the PersonalFN to conceive, initiate, and implement the CFG program.

Those who remain indifferent to PersonalFN’s initiatives are the ones who don’t know what their clients expect…
Today, PersonalFN is speaking the language of thousands of clients who are disgruntle by the quality of advice they receive. The absence of ethical practices bothers them too. So those unscrupulous among you reading this, please understand that the countdown has begun now. If your clients haven’t shunned you yet, it’s because they didn’t have an alternative until now and you have been their “advisor” for too long.

Mr. unethical, do you know what investors expect from you?

  • Most of investors expect you to work in their interest. They want to you to work as their guardians. Your clients are too busy with their own schedule, but they are equally concerned about their finances. They want you to understand this and provide advice that works towards their interest
  • Your investors seek correct information and the advice that suits their requirements the most
  • In return, they are ready to pay you fees. But of course, you want commissions too.


PersonalFN receives no “cut” from ethical advisors in their business.
The practice of ethics begins here. The platform will be unique for one more reason. Clients can rate their advisors; so, the most ethical and most competent may stay on top. PersonalFN is giving investors a bouquet of roses. Although it is very unlikely, there might be some thorns too. The rating system will show them their way (and place). A path to success is not necessarily difficult once you’ve found the right path; that can be difficult though. PersonalFN has discovered one for you.


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